About Me


Muhammad Seth Akmal | Seth / Acino | December 17 , 1993 | Kuala Lumpur | Diploma in Photography and Creative Image , UiTM Perak

E-Mail : sethakmal@gmail.com

Started photography in high school, but got even more serious after finishing Diploma. Currently a photojournalist at The Malaysian Insight and former photojournalist at The Malaysian Insider.

It’s an unforgotten experience to be part of The Malaysian Insider pixmen, Many thanks to my Chief of Photography department Zainal Abd Halim (former Reuters) and I certainly feel glad to work together with other talented Pixmen Najjua Zulkefli, Nazir Sufari, Hasnoor Hussain, Afif Abd Halim, Mukhriz Hazim and Kamal Ariffin.

Henri-Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa , James Nacthwey , Kevin Carter , Sebastiao Salgado and many more are the people who basically inspired me in doing Photojournalism.

‘A photographer is someone who could show the civilization of his time for the future community.’

One Comment

  1. Hey, how you have been? I heard that they took down The Malaysian Insider. I hope you are still photographing though.

    Nice shots, btw. You really inspired me to keep my interest in Journalism alive.



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